In support of the @blacklivematters movement, the Foundation launched a campaign that is of great importance for the country and worldwide. It is a call to conscience as a human being, as a unified society without labels, reinforcing respect for good actions, among other values, important for our existence.

In order to do this, we put on our billboards located in important places throughout the country. And we designed a campaign with thoughts by people from the political sphere and from society in general, such as: Nelson Mandela, Malcom X,

Martin Luther King, Epsy Campbell, Margaret Atwood, Eduardo Cruickshank entre otros, que hacen y seLuther King, Epsy Campbell, Margaret Atwood, Eduardo Cruickshank among others, who make and will continue to make history, in the fight against Racism.

Geovanni Vásquez Foundation, strengthening universal values ​​and generating all efforts that allow the integral growth of society. Our interest in carrying out our campaign “No to Racism is to get a little closer, as a society, to the thought of the poet Margaret Atwood: “There is only one race, the human race. We are all members of it.