For the second  year in a row, the Geovanni Vasquez Foundation exhibited in our country and beyond our borders a new campaign against Prostate Cancer, it is present on road billboards, social networks and other media, allowing society to have access to more information; in a way that over time, increases awareness about the importance of having all prostate exams, considering age, family history, race, medical recommendations and others.

In Costa Rica each year there are about 450 deaths from Prostate Cancer, this type of cancer causes the highest mortality among male patients.

We are solely responsible for an Early Detection of Prostate Cancer.

For the design of the campaign in its graphic content and writing of texts, Exodus Advertising Agency conceptualized the project thinking about the world of soccer due to the importance of this sport worldwide, thus achieving a greater impact on the message. BTL-type activities were carried out in front of national highways, which consisted of forming groups of people identified with their respective soccer uniforms, with flags, balls, where a group of players practiced the sport on the grass and another group on top of the fence. This type of activity allowed for greater interaction with the general public that traveled on public roads.

All people, public and private institutions, and organizations of all kinds

we have the responsibility to generate all efforts to achieve the greatest reduction in deaths from this type of illness.

Special thanks 

The important results obtained in this project are a product thanks to the support of the following people and companies.

  • Miss. Estefanía Vasquez Guzman
  • Miss. Carolina Brenes Ibarra
  • Mr. Jean Franco Vasquez Guzman
  • Mr. Esteban Cespedes Alfaro
  • Publiex Corporate Group
  • Exodus Advertising Agency
  • Constructora ENSA Arquitectos -Ingenieros